Episode 11: Not A Metaphor

Did you have any preconceptions about Starsky & Hutch before you watched your first episode?  We showed our friend Caroline her first three episodes, then asked her to tell us her impressions! Also, Rachel talks about finding some S&H merch in France, and Monica reads a fan’s account of meeting Bernie Hamilton.

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Episode Notes:

Simon & Simon (TV show)

Wiseguy (TV show)

The McElroy family podcasts

The Broccoli Test

Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen) [FANVID] by Laura McEwan

Music Credit: Theme from Simon & Simon


Me & Thee & Thirsty – The Pilot

We’re taking a break this week due to vacations and traveling. However, we’d love for you to join us in this very special episode where we try jelly sake and oat smoothies. And because Starsky and Hutch are always on our minds, we can’t help but talk about them, too!

me and thee and THIRSTY

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Episode Notes:

Sparkling Jelly Sake

Munsbit Oat Smoothies

Music Credits: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

Episode 10: That Classic Get ‘Em Fic

Brainwashed assassins! Castles in the Californian desert! We share our reactions to the Starsky and Hutch two-parter “The Set-Up”, and to follow up these bizarre episodes, we read the fanfic Mojave Crossing.  Published in a fanzine in 1977, it’s one of the earliest S&H fics, and after 40 years fans are still praising it. Why has this story stood the test of time?  Join us as we find out!

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Episode Notes:

The Set-Up part 1 and 2

Project MKUltra – Wikipedia

Mojave Crossing by Connie Faddis

Evolution by Dana Austin Marsh

The very silly vid Monica made for Jen’s birthday (password is “password“):

Music Credit: Desert Rose by Sting

Episode 09: The Hottest Michael Glaser

Let’s talk about crossovers! Quantum Leap, House M.D., Person of Interest… what cool stories emerge when characters of these and other shows meet Starsky & Hutch? Also, Rachel reviews the episode of Cherif in which Antonio Fargas reprises his role as Huggy Bear, and we discuss Paul Michael Glaser’s performance in the 1971 film of Fiddler on the Roof and try not to be too shallow about how good he looks.

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Episode Notes:

Cherif Screencaps 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

10 Percent Solution by Peg22

Werewolf by Night

Bernie Rosenthal

West Coast Avengers | Scarlet Witch

Jack Kirby | Joe Simon

Tom of Finland Google Search

Journey’s End by Rosemary

Starsky’s Girl by Kaye Austen Michaels

Music Credit: demo of Any Day Now from Fiddler on the Roof, performed by Paul Michael Glaser

Episode 08: Getting Rid of the ‘Stache

Fanfiction contains some very creative reasons for why Hutch shaves off his mustache. In this episode, Monica shares her favorite reasons. We also discuss an interview David Soul gave to The Advocate in 1977, the movie The Cutting Edge, the TV show Unsub, and a coffeeshop AU fanfic inspired by last week’s episode!

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advocate soul MTT

Episode Notes:

The Cutting Edge



Interview from Nov 1977 The Advocate (click to enlarge):


Huggy’s Unexpected Guests by DPPatricks

Wooing Lieutenant Starsky by mvernet

Virgin by Charlotte Frost

Five Times – No, Six Times Hutch Gave In and One Time He Didn’t by hardboiledbaby

How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Mary Louise Fisher

Coffee, Me and Tea by Dawnwind

Do I Still Love You, Rosey Maloney? by Flamingo

Music Credit: Opening Theme from Unsub

Episode 07: Make Mine AU

What would the alternate universe look like where Starsky and Hutch ran crime instead of fighting crime? What about the AU where they’re baristas? Mermen? Wizards at Hogwarts? Join us as we take the cast of S&H on a dizzying journey of universe-hopping! Also, learn about Antonio Fargas resuming his role as Huggy in the French show Cherif, and find out what S&H has to do with the video game Don’t Starve.

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Episode notes:

Antonio Fargas Interview for Cherif

Don’t Starve Together Let’s Play

Star-Sky and Hutch Don’t Starve wikia pages

Marvel 1602

Partners by PFL

The Second Choice by Nicky Gabriel

Music Credit: Main Theme from Don’t Starve

Episode 06

Come listen to Rachel react to the news that the Starsky & Hutch actors are flirting on Twitter! In this episode we explore how we would genre-swap S&H, discuss Antonio Fargas’s roles in 1976’s Car Wash and 2018’s Black Lightning, react to seeing the episode “Dandruff” for the first time, and decide which episodes we consider our least favorite.

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Episode Notes:

Black Lightning

Car Wash

Gay City News Interview with Antonio Fargas

The Root recaps Unsung Hollywood: Car Wash

Turing Test and Turing Machine by kuonji

Eighteen Wheels and a Hitchhiker by Karen B.

Remember Him by molo

Music Credit: Car Wash by Rose Royce